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Advanced Technology Solutions for Natural and Manmade Threats


Entropy is the heartbeat of the Universe, and the engine of creation for everything in the reality we inhabit, including ourselves.  Entropy is the measure of the energy of a system that is so randomized that it can no longer be used for other chemical or mechanical processes.  Perhaps the most important and fundamental property of the universe is that entropy is always trying to increase.  Hot things get cooler.  Chemical processes unfold so that the amount of useable energy remaining always decreases.  By forcing energy to eternally move in one direction, it can also be used to create something out of nothing.  Stars, planets, and ultimately human beings all owe their existence to this most basic truth about the way that energy flows and the Universe evolves. 

Our Mission

Entropy’s breakthrough NIMBUS™ technology provides a proprietary data field that creates new disruptive opportunities in the weather, drone, electronics and threat detection industries.
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Proprietary NIMBUS™ VLF Sensors,
Electronics and Software
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Government and

Track, Detect and Disable sUAS in Seconds

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Infrastructure Mapping

New data fields for the mapping, monitoring, and protection of utility and tele-communication systems