Entropy Technology Design Wins Government Contract for the Detection of Drone Threats

NIMBUS™ Threat Detection groundbreaking technology platform reacts in real-time to dangerous airborne threats, when minutes and seconds matter

Tampa, Fl – Entropy Technology Design, a Florida certified Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB), announced that the US Government through their Prime contractor has awarded Entropy a contract to further research and develop their technology for the Detection, Identification, Tracking and Non-Kinetic Disablement of Small Unmanned Aerial System (sUAS) for the DoD. Entropy has over 75 years combined experience and past performance as Subject Matter Experts (SME) in very low frequency (VLF) magnetic field sensor design and software analysis.

Entropy’s small, VLF magnetic anomaly detection sensors and associated AI algorithms rapidly identify, isolate and track events by detecting the magnetic signature formation of a given event, in many cases hours ahead of time. Entropy’s analysis of magnetic signature information and data strongly indicates new areas of magnetic signature characteristics that can be developed into systems for the identification, tracking, and response to multiple types of threats of interest to the customer.

“Access to the Internet has become a utility and is ubiquitous. Speeds get faster and faster with Moore’s Law showing no slowdown and the cost of storage still going down,” said Edward Shaver, CTO, physicist, and Entropy’s patent holder. “Our NIMBUSTM Threat Detection provides an exclusive groundbreaking technology platform with proprietary smart sensors that deliver new very low frequency signatures and untapped data fields for threat detection when minutes and seconds matter.”

Wireless communication and Bluetooth devices power the daily lives of billions of people. Surveillance Capitalism has become the new multi-billion-dollar market and AI and Machine Learning are now table stakes with IoT continuing to create a mesh of connectivity that changes every part of everyday life.

“The world of technology and information has changed dramatically in the last 20 years and there’s no sign of slowdown,” said Tami Fitzpatrick, CEO. “As the new abnormal (political landscape, global pandemic, economic conditions) shifts business models, technology continues to be at the forefront of innovation. We entered 2021 with a strong mission and vision to continue the advanced development of our passive, non-kinetic threat detection for our government customer. Equally important to our plans is responding to the commercial demand for our advanced weather detection and infrastructure mapping systems with focus on the  cellular networks and power industries.”

About Entropy Technology Design

Entropy Technology Design is a Florida certified Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) that develops the NIMBUS™ threat detection technology and is a US government subtractor. Weather and Warfare. Advanced Technology Solutions for Natural and Manmade Threats. Their smart sensors and software platform create new and untapped data fields to provide advance warning and protection against severe weather, lightning and tornadoes , invasive drones and drone navigation, infrastructure mapping, and other security and public safety threats. Please visit us at entropytechnologydesign.com or join the conversation on LinkedIn, YouTube or Twitter.